C-RE-AID is a registered NGO which deals with sustainable and social architecture.

The non-profit organisation is also the reason why the hostel exists: the Backyard Hostel's sole purpose is to generate income to help finance C-RE-AID's projects. If you want to know more, scroll down or visit their website.



C-RE-AID stands for Change, Research, Architecture, Innovation and Design. It is a Tanzanian and Belgian registered NGO launched in 2012 that uses architecture to reduce poverty through design, fieldwork and construction, the empowerment of local craftsmen and the reception of students in architecture, interior architecture, engineering and product design.

Projects are conducted with the assistance of volunteers and aim to create cooperation between the C-RE-AID team and beneficiaries. C-RE-AID collaborates with families of various backgrounds, social relations and material possessions. Beneficiaries are selected by partner organisations and local authorities.

C-RE-AID is divided in five branches: Groundwork Projects, C-re-aid Plus, All-round projects, Workshops and the Backyard Hostel. Yes, that's us. Keep reading and you'll know what the other branches are up to.


The GW projects, as we call them, are kind of how it all started. Recent graduates or professionals of building arts and sciences have the chance to come to Tanzania for 7-12 weeks and work on a unique building project that has to be completed within a time frame between July and September. Working in pairs, volunteers choose a project for which they research, design, manage a budget and literally construct. The beneficiaries of such projects are generally families in difficulty and with a very specific requirements. More about the GW projects.

Together with secondary schools and the department of vocational training in construction, C-RE-AID implements All Round Projects. Social projects are selected by C-RE-AID and are funded and constructed by young pupils with a strong interest in culture and building. The projects are in lign with C-RE-AID's long-term vision and contribute to a sustainable and affordable building culture in Tanzania. This branch serves as an income-generating model for the organisation. More about the All Round Projects.

C-RE-AID is convinced that a clean, sustainable and eco-friendly building does not have to be expensive. Through research and creative design and by using local materials and innovative building techniques, C-RE-AID builds ecological and affordable houses for carefully-selected clients. C-RE-AID then partly acts as an architecture firm but only for partners with a social interest and that have goals which correspond to that of the NGO. More about C-RE-AID Plus and the projects undertaken so far.

The WORKSHOP BRANCH gives C-re-a.i.d the opportunity to conduct in depth research into innovative building techniques, methods and materials that could later be shared with individuals who are interested in the field of sustainable construction as well as bringing closer sustainable construction methods to the local community. The workshop is aimed at anyone who would like practical natural building skills and a better understanding of natural building materials. Open to Volunteers, community members, professionals, sustainable practitioners, researchers and thesis students.

It will include site visits and speeches/debates on construction techniques, project implementations and site visits.

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